Table of contents

A. Bonev. The LBA Cremation Graveyard of Orsoya (A Typology of the Ceramic Finds and Problems of Interpretation)

List of Figurines

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Ceramic Finds from Orsoya Cremation Graveyard

Chapter 3. Discussion and Conclusion

L. Nikolova. The Yunatsite Culture. Periodization, Chronology and Synchronizations

Table of Contents and Abbreviations


List of Maps and Tables

List of Figures

List of Charts


Chapter 1. Stratigraphic-chronological Sequence

Chapter 2. The First Stage of the Yunatsite Culture: The Early Bronze I

Chapter 3. The Second Stage of the Yunatsite Culture: The Early Bronze II

Chapter 4. The Third Stage of the Yunatsite Culture: The Early Bronze III

Concluding Considerations (A Summary)


Table 1. Culture Sequence in the Early Bronze Balkans

Table A. Calibrated Radiocarbon Dates from the EB Balkans



L. Nikolova. Stefan Hiller, Vassil Nikolov (eds.) Karanovo. Die Ausgrabungen im Südsektor 1984-1992. Vol. 1. Ferdinand Berger & Söhne. Norn and Wien. 1997. 480 p., 174 plates 9

L. Nikolova. Elmar Christmann. Die deutschen Ausgrabungen auf der Pevkakia-Magula in Thessalien. II. Die frühe Bronzezeit. Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH. Bonn. 1996. 395 p., 194 plates, 16 planes


Congresses, Conferences and Symposia

C. Schuster, Al. Comşa, L. Nikolova. Scholar Meetings in Germany, England and Bulgaria 


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