“The book Provadia-Solnitsata. Prehistoric Salt-Producing Center. The 20052007 Excavation Seasons presents the results of archaeological investigations at prehistoric tell, situated in the region of Provadia, Northeast Bulgaria. The site lies over the biggest rock salt deposit in the Eastern Balkans from which salt springs issued. The production of salt started during the late Neolithic (54005200 BC). Salt was produced through boiling of brine from the springs in thin-walled ceramic pots put in solid dome ovens within the settlement. This is the earliest example in Europe of such salt production technology and ProvadiaSolnitsata is the oldest salt production center in the Old World known so far. Life at the tell continued through the Middle Chalcolithic and by the end of this period a big production complex developed next to the settlement which existed also in the Late Chalcolithic. The salt production and trade at that time led to the accumulation  through exchange  of exceptional ‘wealth’ of prestigious objects at the Varna Chalcolithic cemetery (45004200 BC) 37 kilometers east of Provadia-Solnitsata.

Vassil Nikolov


Table of contents /summaries/


Chapter 1. Natural environment of Tell Provadia-Solnitsata. Modern exploitation of the salt deposit near Provadia

Chapter 2. Tell Provadia-Solnitsata: Archaeological environment

Chapter 3. Tell Provadia-Solnitsata: Archaeological research, stratigraphy and periodization

Chapter 4. Geophysical survey of Tell Provadia-Solnitsata

Chapter 5. Layer 6: Pit 4. Late Neolithic

Chapter 6. Layer 5: Building 5. Late Neolithic

Chapter 7. Layer 4: Building 3. Middle Chalcolithic

Chapter 8. Layer 4: Building 3. Middle Chalcolithic

Chapter 9. Layer 3: Middle Chalcolithic

Chapter 10. Fortification System. Middle Chalcolithic

Chapter 11. The Human Remains from Tell Provadia-Solnitsata


List of Illustrations

List of Authors

Праисторически солодобивен център Провадия-Солницата. Разкопки 2005 – 2007 г.

Publisher National Institute of Archaeology and Museum (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Language Bulgarian (with summary in English)
Pages 352
Illustrations b&w and color photographs, drawings
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-92181-3-8
Creation date 2008
Size 21 x 29 cm

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