Cast Forgeries of Classical Coins from Bulgaria (Coin Collections and Coin Hoards from Bulgaria Vol. 3)
Language: English. Category: Counterfeits


    The book presents a large group of modern and ancient cast forgeries of Greek and Roman coins coming from Bulgaria. 112 coins in gold, silver, copper and bronze are catalogued. In the beginning eleven Roman contemporary cast coins from Moesia are analyzed (5 asses and 11 denarii). Next a pseudo-hoard of fake and genuine Roman Imperial coins consisting of 2 aurei and 74 denarii is shown.
    From the total number of coins six specimens are Greek and Macedonian (4 in silver, 2 in bronze), one Roman Republican denarius and 95 Roman Imperial (3 in gold, 80 in silver, 11 in bronze, 1 in lead). A special section is devoted to a modern rubber/plastic negative matrix for making imprints of cast models of Roman Imperial denarii. 
    An introduction provides background information about the phenomenon of coin forgery production in modern Bulgaria. The pattern, technology of casting and methods of authentication are discussed.
Table of contents
Foreword. Cast forgeries of Classical coins from Bulgaria

Catalogue and observations

Roman contemporary cast coins

A Pseudo-hoard of Roman Imperial denarii and aurei

Pseudo-hoard of provincial bronze coins

Other cast coins examined

Photo details and enlargements


Publisher Provias
Language English
Pages 88
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-91396-4-6
Creation date 2004
Size 14 x 22 cm

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