Lovets: Two prehistoric settlements
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   The results of the small scale excavations in the land of hte village of Lovets — Shumen region in 2006—2007 are presented. Two tellsites located about 2 km apart have been studied. In the first (LovetsEreklika) were recorded deposits from the end of the Early Neolithic — Karanovo II—III Period, the Early Chalcolithic and the begnning of the Middle Chalcolithic (Polyanitsa III—IV). A variety of artifacts have been published for the first time. In addition to the finds, all ceramic fragments from the indicated periods are described and analyzed in detail. Based in this analysis, the periodization and the relative chronology of the site are argued. The other tellsite (Lovets—Zmijski ostrov) is located on the right bank of the rier. Life in this place begins almost simultaneously with the end of the inhabitaion of the first site — the edn of the Early and the beginning of the Middle Chalcolithic. Eight building horizons of the Middle (Polyanitsa IV) and the Late Chalcolithic (KGK VI) have been recorded. Numerous finds of bone, stone, shell and clay are presented. All ceramic fragments are also analyzed — typlogized and statistically processed. The cemetery of the settlement is also located, describing its features, as well as the results of the excavations of two graves. The settlements system during the Neolithic and Chalcolithic along the upper and middle reaches of the Kamchia River is also discussed.


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Lovets  Ereklika

Lovets  Zmijskiyat ostrov



Faunal report on the mammal remains



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