Early and middle palaeolithic flint assemblages from the area of Shiroka Polyana dam, Western Rhodopes mountain (Excavations and Research, vol. 36)


Table of contents /summary/

I. Introduction

I.1. The Western Rhodope Mountains geomorphologic and petrographic characteristics, and geographical boundaries of the studied area

I.3. Localization of the Paleolithic deposits in the Western Rhodope Mountains

I.4. The flint raw material origin and distribution

II. Theoretical description

II.1. Characteristics of the Paleolithic flint assemblages from the Western Rhodope Mountains basic principles of research methodology

II.2. Research Methodology

II.2.1. Description of the applied criteria

II.2.1.1. Metric

II.2.2.1. Metric features

II.2.2.2. Technological Characteristics:

II. Characteristics of the dorsal surface

II. Characteristics of the platform (butt) of a flake

II. Characteristics of the striking point

II. Production Stage

II. Type of the flint raw material

II.2.2.3. Morphological characteristics

II.2.3. Characteristics of the cores

II.2.3.1. Metric Characteristics of Cores

II.2.3.2. Technological characteristics of cores

II. Type of the module of the source raw material

II. Type of treatment of the module of the source flint raw material

II. Technological characteristics of the sides of cores

II.2.3.3. Morphological characteristics of cores

II. Form of a core

II. Morphological characteristics of the sides of a core

II. Form of the sides of a core

II. Relief of the sides of cores

II. Condition of the edges between scars

II. Types of a cortex

II. Type of patina

II. Area covered with cortex and/or patina

II.2.4. Characteristics of tools

II.2.4.1. Typology

II.2.4.2. Characteristics of the debitage flake for the production of a tool.

II.2.4.3. Characteristics of a tool

III. Shiroka Polyana location, research history, geomorphologic characteristics, stratigraphic characteristics

V.1. Techno-typological comparative analysis

V.1.2. Comparative analysis of the debitage

V.2. Ty p olog ica l a n a lysis

V.2.1. Flint artifacts with double-sided treatment – bifacial artifacts and shapes

V.2.2. Flint assemblages from Shiroka Polyana – leaf points with bifacial retouched treatment

V.2.3. Bifacial scraper-knives from the Ivanchovi Kolibi flint assemblage

V.2.4. A bifacial scraper from Shenkin Sklad flint assemblage

V.2.5. Levallois flakes from Shiroka Polyana flint assemblages

V.2.6. Scrapers from Shiroka Polyana flint assemblages

VI. The Early and Middle Paleolithic flint Assemblages from Shiroka Polyana in the context of the Old World Paleolithic cultures

VI.2. The first men of the European continent. Migration routes.

VI.4. The Early Paleolithic on the Balkans


(see also: http://bit.ly/1pi9O5v)

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 138
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0205-0722
Creation date 2006
Size 21 x 29 cm

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