Rita Nemeth, Botond Rezi (eds.). Bronze Age Chronology in the Carpathian Basin. Proceedings of the International Colloquium from Târgu Mureş, 24 October 2014 (Bibliotheca Mvsei Marisiensis. Series Archaeologica VIII)


Table of contents


O. Chvojka. Chronologie und Kulturen der südböhmischen Bronzezeit und ihre Parallelisierung zu den Donaugebieten und Karpatenbecken 

V. Kiss, S. Fábián, T. Hajdu, K. Köhler, G. Kulcsár, I. Major, G. Szabó. Contributions to the Relative and Absolute Chronology of the Early and Middle Bronze Age in Western Hungary Based on Radiocarbon Dating of Human Bones 

M. Ljuština, K. Dmitrović. Core vs. Periphery: Some Stratigraphical and Chronological Remarks on the Vatin Culture in Banat and Western Serbia 

K. Dmitrović, M. Ljuština. Metal Finds as Indicators of Relations Between the Middle Bronze Age Cultures on Western and Northern Serbia 

F. Gogâltan. The Early and Middle Bronze Age Chronology on the Eastern Frontier of the Carpathian Basin. Revisited after 15 Years 

J. Puskás. Contact Zone: Middle Bronze Age Cultural Connections in the Valley of the Black River (Covasna County, Romania)

N. Bolohan, A. Gafincu, I. Stoleriu. Middle Bronze Age Chronology East of the Carpathian Area. A Bayesian Model

H. Ciugudean, C. Quinn. The End of the Wietenberg Culture in the Light of new 14C Dates and its Chronological Relation Towards the Noua Culture 

R. Németh. The Middle Bronze Age “Mass Grave” from Voivodeni–La Şcoală. A Chronological Approach 

T. Daróczi, A. Ursuţiu. Contextualising Decorations. A Study of Placement and Context of Ornaments on Bronze Age Ceramics from the Lower Feneş Valley 

G. Ilon. Zeitstellung der Urnenfelderkultur (1350/1300
750/700 BC) in West-Transdanubien. Ein Versuch mittels Typochronologie und Radiokarbondaten 

A. László. Über die Chronologie des kulturellen Wechsels zwischen der Noua-Coslogeni Kultur und der Nachfolger- Kulturen mit kannelierter und mit ritz- und stempelverzierter Keramik in den innen- und aussenkarpatischen Gebieten. Einige Lehren der Radiokarbondatierungen 

J. Tarbay. The Reanalysis of the Eponymous Hoard from Gyermely-Szomor and the HaA2 Period in the Territory of Hungary 

T. Bader. Zur Chronologie Der Lanzenspitzen im Karpaten-Donau-Raum 


Publisher Editura Mega
Language English, German
Pages 400
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-606-543-684-8
Creation date 2015
Size 21 x 29 cm

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