The book deals with the archangels in the Hebrew original of the Old Testament. The author proposes an analysis of the Hebrew names for archangels and what they stand for as the names represent a code which is untranslatable into the Indo-European languages. Revealing a part of the Hebrew picture of the world, the names convey knowledge about the archangels' nature, characteristics and functions. The author adduces culturological evidence from Bible studies, Judaism, and Christianity illustrated with examples from the Old and the New Testament which attests to the role played by the celestial being in the fates of prophets, apostles, kings, tribes, and peoples.

Table of contents


Архангелите, чиито имена са съществителни нарицателни

Архангелите, чиито имена са съществителни собствени

Падналите ангели

Интересни мнения за архангелите

Успех и морал: (непо)грешимост и (без)наказаност


Archangels in the Bible (summary)

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Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian (with summary in English)
Pages 160
Illustrations color photographs
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-322-571-2
Creation date 2013
Size 23 х 22 cm

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