Andreas Darlas, Dušan Mihailović (eds.). The Palaeolithic of the Balkans: Papers from the session The Palaeolithic of the Balkans held at the XV UISPP World Congress, Lisbon, 49 September 2006


Table of contents

A. Darlas, D. Mihailovic. The Palaeolithic of the Balkas

J. Koztowski. End of the Aurignacian and the beginning of the Gravettian in the Balkans

K. Harvati, E. Panagopoulou, P. Karkanas, A. Athanassiou, S. Frost. Preliminary results of the Aliakmon paleolithic/paleoanthropological survey, Greece, 20042005

E. Kotjabopoulou. The mountainscapes of Upper Palaeolithic Epirus in NW Greece: a view from the bones

O. Apostolikas, N. Kyparissi-Apostolika. Middle Palaeolithic exploitation of the lake Plastiras plateau, Western Thessaly Greece

V. Sitlivy, K. Sobczyk, P. Karkanas, M. Koumouzelis. Middle Palaeolithic industries of Klissoura cave, Greece

A. Darlas, E. Psathi. Le Paleolithique superieur dans la peninsule du Mani (Peloponnese, Grece)

V. Lebreton, E. Psathi, A. Darlas. Environnement vegetal des neandertaliens de la grotte de Kalamakia (Areopolis, Grece)

T. Roger, A. Darlas. Upper-Pleistocene bird remains from Kalamakia cave (Greece)

T. Roger, A.Darlas. Microvertebres, paleo-environnement et paleoclimat de  a grotte de Kalamakia (Peloponnese, Grece)

L. Salamanov-Korobar. First Paleolithic researches in the R. Macedonia (FYROM): The cave Golema pesht near the village Zdunje  Preliminary results

D. Mihailovic. New data about the Middle Palaeolithic of Serbia

B. Mihailovic. The Gravettian site Salitrena Pecina near Mionica (Western Serbia)

D. Brajkovic, P. Miracl. Middle Palaeolithic and Early Upper Palaeolithic subsistence practices at Vindija cave, Croatia


Publisher Archaeopress
Language English, French
Pages 116
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 9781407303055
Creation date 2008
Size 21 x 29 cm

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