Stefanka Ivanova. Rock Mysteries: Investigations in The Eastern Rhodopes. In English


Table of contents

I. Introduction

II. Short overview of previous studies

III. Physical geography and geology of the Eastern Rhodopes

IV. Chronology of settlement of the Eastern Rhodopes

V. Typological classification of rock-cut structures

VI. On some untruths about rock structures commonly held in archaeology

1. History carved into the rock: by whom?

2. About the solar disc in the Eastern Rhodopes

3. The womb-caves in the Eastern Rhodopes

4. The sharpans and other stone vessels

5. The trapezoidal rock recesses

6. Thracian tombs and prehistoric rock-cut structures (rock tombs)

VII. The earliest settlement of Eastern Rhrodopes

1. “Arkata” (The arch) rock-shelter

2. Open Paleolithic site near Veslets hamlet, village of Benkovski

VIII. The Eastern Rhodopes at the time of earliest farmers: Chalcolithic

1. The secrets of the “Great cave” near the village of Kostino

2. Prehistoric rock-cut structures in the area of Harman kaya

3. The Kovil rock-cut complex

IX. Sites with rock-cut structures in the Eastern Rhodopes

1. Rock-cut structures over the Arda river

2. Rock-cut structures along Krumovitsa river and its tributaries

3. Rock-cut structures along Buyuk dere and its tributaries

4. Rock-cut structures along Borovitsa river and its tributaries

5. Rock-cut structures along Varbitsa river and its tributaries

6. Rock-cut structures in the catchment area of Harmanliyska river and its tributaries

X. Under the skies of the Eastern Rhodopes

1. Introduction

2. Essence of the astronomical analysis of archaeological sites

3. Orientation archaeoastronomical analysis of selected Eastern Rhodopean sites

3.1. The sanctuary neat the village of Tatul

3.2. The sanctuary neat the village of Angel voyvoda

3.3. Harman kaya sanctuary

XI. In the muteness of centuries

List of figures

Map and list of sites with rock-cut structures


Publisher Borina
Language English
Pages 144
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-500-308-0, 978-954-500-306-6
Creation date 2016
Size 21 x 29 cm

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