From Hunter Gatherers to Farmers: Human adaptations at the end of the Pleistocene and the first part of the Holocene. Papers in Honour of Clive Bonsall


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Clive bonsall  some years after

Publications of Clive bonsall

The Early prehistory of the Iron Gates

A. Soficaru. Pathological conditions of the human skeleton from Climente II Cave, Romania

A. Boroneanț. Răzvrata revisited. A supplementary account of the excavation

A. Bălășescu, A. Boroneanț, V. Radu. Animal exploitation at the Mesolithic site of Răzvrata, Romania

M. Mărgărit, A. Boroneanț. The Mesolithic osseous industry from Răzvrata (the Iron Gates region)

D. Filipović, J. Jovanović, D. Rančić. In search of plants in the diet of Mesolithic-Neolithic communities in the Iron Gates

I. Živaljević, V. Dimitrijević, S. Stefanović. Faunal remains from Kula, a Mesolithic-Neolithic site at the exit of the Danube Gorges (Serbia)

D. Antonović, V. Dimić, A. Starović, D. Borić. Ground stone artefacts from Aria Babi

S. Vitezović. The Early Neolithic osseous industry in the Iron Gates region

Regional studies

J. Benjamin, G. Bailey. Coastal adaptations and submerged landscapes: Where world prehistory meets underwater archaeology

J. Grünberg. Women and men in Mesolithic burials: Inequalities in early postglacial hunter-gatherer-fisher societies

A. Reingruber. Foragers, fishers and farmers in the Aegean (12,000—6,000 cal BC)

T. Płonka. Ornamented hunting weapons from the Late Palaeolithic in the Southern Baltic Basin

É. David. No Maglemosian bone tools in Mesolithic Norway so far!

M. Budja. Ceramic technology inventions in Europe and Asia

M. Gurova. Geometric microliths from Holocene sequences in Bulgaria

A. Brown, H. Greenfield. Deer Season: Hunting seasonality during the Neolithic in the central Balkans

V. Nikolov. Fortified settlements in the valleys of the Rivers Provadiyska, Golyama Kamchia and Luda Kamchia (Northeast Bulgaria) in the context of Chalcolithic economy

K. Ritchie. Mixing copper and water: The aquatic focus of Chalcolithic Romania

Site studies

S. Radović, A. Sršen. Subsistence change in the Eastern Adriatic hinterland during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene: Archaeozoology of Zemunica Cave (Croatia)

P. Biagi, E. Starnini, R. Nisbet. Malga Rondeneto: A high altitude Sauveterrian camp in the Central Italian Alps and the Boreal Mesolithic settlement pattern in the region

B. Voytek. A Sense of place: The Mesolithic occupation of Grotta dell'Edera, Northern Italy

L. Larsson, F. Molin. Symbols in the Late Mesolithic. Ornaments on bone and antler from Strandvägen, Motala in Central Sweden

C. Pickard. Prehistoric shellfish exploitation in Coastal Western Scotland: The shell assemblages from Carding Mill Bay

O. Lozovskaya, C. Leduc, L. Chaix. Beaver mandible tools during the Late Mesolithic and the Early Neolithic at Zamostje 2 (the Upper Volga region, Russia)

K. Bacvarov, J. Gorczyk. The ritual package at the Neolithic pit field of Sarnevo, Southcentral Bulgaria

T. Dzhanfezova. The importance of being earliest: The AMS dating of the Late Chalcolithic Varna I

L. Bartosiewicz, E. Gál. Resurrecting roe deer: Skeletal weight ratios at prehistoric Paks–Gyapa, Hungary

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