Table of contents


M. Chacheva. Trinkets for the Afterlife: Personal Ornaments from Graves of Children in the Necropolis of Apollonia Pontica

M. Raycheva. Dea Roma in Thrace

A. Bulatović. Horizon of the Late Roman Necropolises with Rectangular and Circular Kernoi in Southeastern Serbia, Eastern Macedonia and Western Bulgaria

S. Stanilov. Awarische und bulgarische Gürtelbeschläge des VIII. Jahrhunderts in der Sammlung Watewi

G. Guionova. Le poêle de chauffage en Bulgarie et ses traces archéologiques

I. Stamati. Two Chapters in the Sovietization of Romanian Archaeology (From the Late 1940s to the Mid-1950s)

Publisher NOUS
Language English–German–French
Pages 96
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1310-9537
Creation date 2015
Size 20 x 28 cm

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