Table of contents /summaries/ 

S. Ivanova. Early Palaeolithic sites in West Rhodopes mountains  South-Western Bulgaria

S. Sirakova, T. Tsanova. The flint assemblage of the contact zone of Gravettian layer Iva/IVb in the cave Kozarnika

S. Taneva. History of the Palaeolithic research in Bulgaria

T. Stoytchev, N. Spassov, G. Markov. Rock art: Probable existence of the Elephant (Elephas) in Central Arabia by the end of the Pleistocene 

A. Raduncheva. The religious structure in the Late Eneolith

L. Pernicheva. Sitting female figurines from the Chalcolithic site Okol glava (Gniljane), Sofia region

R. Zlateva-Uzunova. Early Bronze Age flint assemblages from the region of Maritsa-Iztok, tell Mudrec and tell Galabovo

T. Stoytchev, N. Spassov, I. Dimitrova. Rock art: probable existence of Merck’s Rhinoceros in Early Bronze Age Southwest Sweden [full text]

M. Gurova. Flint assemblages from Saite (Chirpan region)

S. Alexandrov. Post Cernavoda III  Boleráz phenomena South of the Danube [full text]

M. Tonkova. Newly discovered Thracian centre of the Early Hellenistic Age at the spring “Halka Bunar” in the land of village Gorno Belevo (results from campaigns 2000, 2001)

I. Lozanov. Graffiti from Halka Bunar

V. Dinchev. A contribution to the characterization of Late Antique official residential architectura in Thracia and Dacia

G. Kuzmanov. Roman and Late Antique lamps from Ratiaria

M. Ivanov. Import sarcophagi from Bulgaria IIIII century. The centers of production, chronology and the roads of distribution

Y. Yordanov, B. Dimitrova, V. Ruseva. Anthropological evidence about the buried in the Late Roman mausoleum in Lozenets residential district, Sofia

T. Stoytchev. Rock art images: An attempt for general typology [full text]

I. Sotirov. Kaloyan II Alexander Asen. I. Once again on the attribution of grave No. 39 in “Holy 40 Martyrs” church in Veliko Turnovo

K. Hadzhiev, H. Andreev. Graffiti-inscriptions from the “Saint George” church near the village of Gorni Kozkak, Shtip region (Republic of Macedonia)

E. Evtimova. Christian elements in the Muslim burial rite

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Годишник на Археологическия институт с музей, том 2

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian, English with summaries in English and Bulgarian
Pages 400
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 1311-7548
Creation date 2002
Size 21 x 29 cm

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