Proceeding of the National prehistory conference, 2629 April 2006, Peshtera, Bulgaria


Table of contents /summaries/

S. Taneva. Late Palaeolithic backed tools from Bulgaria

V. Miteva. Predators as a factor in the accumulation and transformation of bones in archaeological context: An example from the Late Palaeolithic assemblage from the Kozarnika cave, Northern Bulgaria

I. Krumov. Regional Investigation of Paleolithic sites in Belogradchik area (Redaka cave II)

C. Nachev. Geological characteristic of fl int deposits near Kozarnika, NW Bulgaria

M. Gurova. Prehistoric agricultural tools indicators of the process of Neolithization

M Grębska-Kulova. The Early Neolithic culture in the Middle Struma (Strymon) River Valley, South-Western Bulgaria

E. Marinova, S. Tibo. The woodland vegetation during the Early Neolithic at the site Kovačevo an antracological analysis

R. Kostov, P. Machev. Mineralogical and petrographic study of nephrite and other stone artifacts from the Kovachevo Neolithic site in SW Bulgaria

L. Pernicheva. Anthropomorphic fi gurines from the prehistoric settlement at Bălgarčevo, Blagoevgrad district

E. Anastassova. Ground stone industries from the prehistoric site of Balgarchevo: a typological and functional analysis

N. Elenski. The earliest phases of the Neolithic in the valleys of the Yantra and Rusenski Lom Rivers problems of cultural identity

G. Ganetsovski. An Early Neolithic grave from Ohoden, Vraca district

R. Zlateva-Uzunova. Neolithic Artefacts from Flint Deposit and Workshop Ohoden-Zaeshkoto, Vratsa District

V. Vandova. Late Neolithic anthropomorphic vessels from the Struma valley

T. Kanceva-Ruseva. The “Thinker” of Nova Zagora

E. Naidenova. Pottery of Vadastra type found South of the Danube River

P. Leshtakov. New data about the boundary between the Polyanitsa and Gradeshnitsa cultures: based on pottery

D. Chernakov. Early chalcolithic pottery from Vodna Tamno rock complex, Ivanovo municipality, Ruse district

V. Petrova. The distribution of bowls with two vertical handles in the Late Chalcolithic of the Upper Thracian Plain

S. Terzijska-Ignatova. Zoomorphic amphisbaenas from Tell Yunatsite

M. Hristov. Chalcolithic anthropomorphic fi gurines of clay and bone from the prehistoric settlement at Lepitsa, Pleven district

T. Popova. Palaeobotanical analyses from Tell Hotnitsa

R. Mitkova. Late Chalcolithic ceramic anthropomorphic fi gurine from the artifi cial lake of “Ticha”

S. Venelinova. Anthropomorphic Figurine from the Village of Denitsa, Shumen Region

S. Chohadzhiev, S. Venelinova. A newly-discovered Chalcolithic cemetery near Smyadovo: Preliminary report

M. Avramova. Non-regular Practices in the Ritual Rites (Observations based upon the exploration of the Chalcolithic graves in the necropolis near the tell Golemiyat ostrov near the village of Durankulak)

M. Ivanova. Coastal settlements and maritime interaction during the Chalcolithic in the western Black Sea coast (V mill. BC)

I. Zmeykova. The West-Pontic cultural contact zone during the fi nal stages of the Chalcolithic

Y. Boyadzhiev. New information about settlement organization and house architecture in the Neolithic and Chalcolithic

T. Tsonev. Prehistoric communication-and-exchange networks in the Neolithic and Chalcolithic of the Eastern Balkan Peninsula

V. Nikolov. “Stratigraphic sequence” or “stratigraphic continuity”

B. Gaydarska. Artefact biography and its place in Bulgarian archaeology


Праисторически проучвания в България: новите предизвикателства

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences) / History museum of Peshtera
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 274
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-92181-1-4
Creation date 2008
Size 21 x 29 cm

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