James Harvey Gaul: In Memoriam (In the Steps of James Harvey Gaul, Volume 1)


Table of contents


Biography of James Harvey Gaul

M. Gyurova. Microwear Study of the Flint Assemblages from the Upper Palaeolithic Site Orphei I in the Rhodope, Bulgaria

J. Yakar. Cultural Interaction between Anatolia and Southeast Europe: An Archaeological Appraisal

H. Todorova. Der Balkano-Anatolische Kulturbereich vom Neolithikum bis zur Frühbronzezeit (Stand der Forschung)

U. Esin. Zum Ursprung der Reliefkeramik und der sog. “Froschgottheit” in Südosteuropa

S. Čohadžiev. James Harvey Gaul and the Studies of the Neolithic and Eneolithic in Western Bulgaria

S. Čohadžiev, V. Genadieva. Contribution to the Study of the Early Neolithic Age in the Struma River Basin

I. Angelova. Ein Neolithisches Haus aus der Localität “Rezervata” bie dem Dorf Drivovo Bez. Popovo

P. Haşotti. The Chronology of Neolithic Cultures in Dobrudja

I. Vajsov. Studies in Memoriam of James Harvey Gaul on the Typology of Anthropomorphic Figurines from Northeastern Bulgaria

M. Özdoğan, Y. Dede. An Anthropomorphic Vessel from Toptepe – Eastern Thrace

P. Georgieva. Early Eneolithic Pottery from a Burnt Dwelling from the Kozareva Mogila Tell near Kableshkovo

В. Сорокин, И. Борзияк. Антропоморфная пластика трипольското поселения Яблона I

V. Popov. The Rousse Tell Site Fifty Years after James Gaul: Stratigraphy and Chronology

B. Jovanović. Sălcuța Iv, Krivodol and Bubanj: Similarities and Differences in the Late Eneolithic of the Central Balkans

V. Draganov. James Harvey Gaul and the Present State of Eneolithic Research in Northeastern Bulgaria and Thrace: The Area of the Krivodol-Gumelnița-Karanovo VI and Varna (Cultures)

S. Alexandrov. Pottery from the End of the Early Bronze Age in Western Bulgaria

O. Höckmann. Another Look at the Early Thracian Engravings of Ships from Razlog, Bulgaria

A. Gotsev. New Data on the Dolmens from the Sakar Mountain Region

M. Stefanovich, H. Bankoff. Kamenska Ćuka 1993—1995  Late Bronze Age Site in Southwest Bulgaria: Preliminary Findings

N. Iordanova, M. Kovacheva. Dating the Fire in Kajmenska Chuka by the Archaeomagnetic Method

Y. Boyadjiev. Radiocarbon Dates from Southeastern Europe and the Cultural Processes during the Fourth Millenium B.C.

N. Spassov, N. Iliev. The Wild Horses of the Late Pleistocene and Holocene in Eastern Europe and the Polyphylethic Origin of the Domestic Horse

Tz. Popov, E. Bojilov. Paleoecological and Paleobotanical Data from the Bronze Age in Bulgaria

P. Kuniholm, B. Kromer, S. Tarter, C. Griggs. An Early Bronze Age Settlement at Kiten near Burgas, Bulgaria

Culture Complexes and Sites Mentioned in the Text

Selected List of Abbreviations

Publisher The James Harvey Gaul Foundation
Language English, German, Russian
Pages 418
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISBN 954-491-026-3
Creation date 1998
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