Proceedings of a conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Historical museum of Nova Zagora, 2122 November 2001, Nova Zagora, Bulgaria


Table of contents /summaries/


S. Čohadžiev, N. Elenski, A. Čohadžiev. Some Interesting Results from the 2001 Year Excavations of the Tell near the Village of Hotnitza, Veliko Tyrnovo Region

D. Gergova. The Dyadovo Tell near Nova Zagora. The Ditches and its Planning and Function

H. Kamuro. The Japanese Excavation of Tell Djadovo in Nova Zagora District, South-Eastern Bulgaria [full text]

H. Kamuro. An Aggregation of Oven Data found in Djadovo-tell, Nova Zagora District, Bulgaria. A Preliminary Study for the Recontruction of the Bronze Age Settlement Structure in the Thracian Plain [full text]

T. Kancheva-Ruseva, K. Leshtakov. Characteristic and Dating of Bronze Age Prehistoric Settlement near the Tell of Nova Zagora

R. Zlateva-Uzunova. Flint Collection from the Satellite Village of Nova Zagora

R. Georgieva, K. Nikov. An Early Iron Age Grave from Glavan Village

K. Nikov. Gray Ware from Asenovetz

A. Koychev. Thracian Odryssian Rulers' Burials, Temples and Tombs  Recontruction, Dating and Rulers' Identity (Part II)

M. Ivanova. Antique Clay Lamps from the Depot of Radnevo Archaeological Museum

D. Momchilov. Demographic Characterisation of North-East Thrace in 7th10th Centuries according to Archaeological Findings

Z. Aladzhov. Some Notes on the 9th10th Centuries Bulgarian-Byzantine Frontier

G. Kovachev, I. Roussev. The Territory of Southeastern Bulgaria during the 12th15th Centuries

N. Gospodinov. Once again on the so-called “Sollar Discs” in Sakar Mountains

G. Ribarov. Prehistoric Archaeozoological Remains of Adornment and everyday-life Sunjects from the Region of Nova Zagora, Southeastern Bulgaria 

Epigraphic, Numismatic and Sphragistic

I. Karayotov. Melsas, the Founder of Mesambria, on a Coin from the 5th Century BC

I. Prokopov. A Single Triangle “South-Southwest”  Question and Answers 

V. Ignatov. Two Coin Hoards from the Region of Nova Zagora

S. Filipova. Late Roman Coin Deposits along the Struma River  Chronological Characteristics and Parallels

K. Velkov. Gold Byzantine Coin  Fourre of Emperor Michail VII Duka (10711078), in Village of Asenovets, Nova Zagora Region

I. Jordanov. New Mediaeval Spragistics Monuments from the Region of Nova Zagora

Modern History

S. Russev. From Yanitsa to Yeny Zagra

M. Kalcheva. 32nd Infantry Zagorian Regiment during the time of First World War, 19151918

Археологически и исторически проучвания в Новозагорско. Том 2


Publisher Agato
Language Bulgarian, English with summaries in English and Bulgarian
Pages 298
Illustrations b/w photographs, drawings, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-8761-81-9
Creation date 2008
Size 20 x 28 cm

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