Acts of the International round table held in Kiten, Nessebar and Sredetz,
September 26
30, 2007


Table of contents

Preface and Acknowledgements

Y. Garlan. L’amphorologie grecque: une spécialité archéologique en voie de développement

M. Lawall. Socio-Economic Conditions and the Contents of Amphorae

M. Debidour. Etudier le commerce des amphores thasiennes: quelques remarques à propos des trouvailles autour du Pont Euxin (IVeIIe s. av. J.-C.)

G. Finkielsztejn. Black Sea Amphora Stamps Found in the Southern Levant: Most Probably not a Trade

D. Nedev, M. Gyuzelev. The 6th Century BC Chian White-Slipped Amphorae from Apollonia (Results of the Most Recent Archaeological Investigations)

C. Tzochev. Archaic Amphora Import from Thracian Sites Around the Bay of Bourgas

M. Damyanov. Amphorae from a Tumulus on Kolokita Promontory near Sozopol (Apollonia Pontica)

A. Petrova. Storage Amphorae from Tumulus 8 on Kolokita Promontory, Apollonia Pontica

A. Bozkova. Еnglyphic Amphora Stamps from Tumulus 8 on Kolokita Promontory near Sozopol (the Ancient Apollonia Pontic)

P. Balabanov. The Fourth Century BC Amphora Complex from the Locality Kostadin Cheshma near the Village of Debelt

L. Buzoianu. Tuiles timbreés découvertes à Callatis

A. Minchev. Early Byzantine Amphorae with Graffiti and Christian Stamps from a Shipwreck in the Bay of Varna (Bulgaria)

E. Todorova. The Medieval Amphorae (Ninth to Fourteenth Centuries AD) from Excavation at Silistra in 2007 (Preliminary Report)

P. Dupont. Données archéométriques préliminaires sur les amphores du type de Lesbos

V. Lungu. Données typologiques préliminaires sur les amphores à pâte grise de Mytilene

T. Stoyanov. New Evidence for Amphora Production in Early Hellenistic Mesambria Pontica

V. Kovachev, T. Stoyanov, T. Stanimirova, D. Stoyanova, I. Lozanov, V. Mladenov. Archaeometric Study of Hellenistic Roof Tiles and Amphorae from Apollonia and Mesambria: An Attempt at Identifying Local Production

S. Monachov, E. Kuznetsova. On One Series of Amphorae from Unknown Dorian Centre of the Fourth Century BC (former "Bosporan" or "Early-Chersonesean")

D. Kassab Tezgor. Types amphoriques romains tardifs produits simultanément à Demirci près de Sinope et dans d'autres centres

N. Inaishvili, M. Khalvashi. Byzantine Amphorae from Southwestern Georgia

S. Vnukov. Colchean” Amphorae from Abkhazia

J. Morel. Observations conclusives sur l'amphorologie du Pont-Euxin



List of Authors


Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences) / "St. Kliment Ohridski" Sofia University
Language English, French
Pages 344
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
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ISBN 978-954-9472-04-2
Creation date 2011
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