Parameters of the Post-American Global Order
Параметри на постамериканския световен ред
Language: Bulgarian


     With the development of mankind, time begins to race faster and faster. Centuries turn into decades, and decades come together over several years. It is difficult for societies and states to comprehend the pace of development and to realize their own insignificance or greatness within historical time. The information flows that flood not only the states, but also the individuals, have no known analogue so far. This made people extremely informed about the present, but also isolated them from the instinct to learn from the past. The thirst for knowledge has been massively replaced by the thirst for information.

     The present text is an attempt to look beyond one's own desires, stepping on the realistic basis of the facts of the present and the past, in order to model a possible projection for the future. The crisis of 2020, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, played the role of the appropriate catharsis and buffer, which revealed the problems of the system, but also turned out to be the culmination of the ongoing processes of restructuring the global order. The world of contrasts will continue to be the world of the future. The current challenges make it possible to create order and conditions for a relatively peaceful existence with the clear idea that opposition is part of human nature.


Table of contents



Първа глава. Генезис и параметри на американския световен ред

1. Врящият котел за претопяване на народи

2. Икономическите измерения на политическата система

3. Културната хегемония  големият успех

Втора глава. Преход и криза на американската изключителност

1. Краят на идеята за „меката сила“

2. Икономическото и военното варварство на САЩ

3. Щатите пред залез

Трета глава. Параметри на сигурността в постамериканския световен ред

1. Рискове и възможности пред новата архитектура на сигурност

2. Променящият се свят


Използвана литература


Publisher East–West Publishing
Language Bulgarian
Pages 160
Illustrations -
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-01-0640-1
Creation date 2020
Size 14 х 21 cm

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