Orpheus 2627/20192020
Category: Orpheus

Language: English


Table of contents

Archaeology and Ethnology

B. Borissov. Stratigraphy and Chronology of Early Medieval Residential Complexes from the Castra Rubra Fortress at the Village of Izvorovo, near Harmanli

E. Filipova. Food and Identity: Specificities of the Diet in Ancient Thrace

M. Izdimirski. Atropos the Cutting One: Scissors in Thrace in the Mediterranean Context

L. Konova. Rituals Performed in Pits According to Hittite Texts from Asia Minor

D. Momchilov. Old-Bulgarian Metalloplastics from Aquae Calidae

Z. Tarhan. Origin, Diffusion and Significance of the Scene of the Lion-Bull Combat

V. Varbanov. Scythian Find from the Pit Complex in Rousse

History and Sources

D. Boteva "...They have straw with them while they sacrifice..."

S. Dimitrova. Historiographic Observations on the Northern Thracian Βασιλεύς Μοσκων

T. Spiridonov. Again on the Strategies Corpilica and Caenica in Ancient Thrace

S. Yanakieva. The Sanctuary of Bendis in Thrace and the Manuscripts of Liviu


D. Gergova et al. Restoration and Socialisation of the Thracian Tomb in the Shushmanets Tumulus


P. Devlova. An Archaic Dwelling from Apollonia Pontica (Brief Notes)

списание Орфеус 26-27/2019-2020

Publisher Institute for Balkan Studies & Center of Thracology (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) / Secretariat of the International Council of Indo-European and Thracian Studies
Language English
Pages 174
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISSN 0861-9387
Creation date 2021
Size 16 x 24 cm

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