Andrey Aladzhov, The Earrings from the Preslav Treasure (Catalogues, volume 24)
Category: Medieval Bulgarian Capitals Pliska and PreslavArt studies
Original title: Обиците в Преславското съкровище
Language: EnglishBulgarian (bilingual)


   In 2005, a framework agreement for academic cooperation was signed between the National Archaeological Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseum Mainz, Forschungsinstitut fur Archäologie. The agreement was aimed at studies on the problems of the Early Middle Ages and on the Preslav Treasure in particular. As a result, the artefacts from the hoard were taken fo the RGZM laboratory for conservation and restoration. A complete technological analysis of all artefacts was made. The final results of the cooperation envisaged the comprehensive study of the treasure. The present book is my contribution to the project.
    The present work has several main objectives:
   - publication of the earrings as an overall assemblage, in which all items are subjected to planned analysis;
   - complete research history of the earrings from the Preslav Treasure, accompanied with notes on the study of the Medieval earrings related to the Byzantine cultural milieu between the 9th and the 11th century
    - creating a classification based on the applied technologies, jewellery analysis of their structure and morphology, as well as composition analysis of the figures and colouring of the enamels, analysis of the iconography related to mythological and historical themes, and their use as regalia and insignia. Each earring is considered in the context of the Middle Byzantine jewellery art when defining the chronology and workshop of production
   - clarifying the significance of the earrings in the Preslav Treasure: the earrings as part of the problem of the chronological integrity of the assemblage and its personal-historical identification.


Table of contents


The Preslav Treasure: Discovery, composition and dating

The story of the discovery


Dating and belonging

History of the research on the earrings from the treasure

Analytical study

Exhibition catalogues

The medieval earrings from the Byzantine cultural circle in the 9th to 11th century period. Study notes

Crescent-shaped earrings in sloisonne enamel technique

The earrings from Crete

The earrings from Berlin

The earrings from London

The earrings from the Kanellopoulos Musem

Plates and medallions


Openwork and filigree earrings decorated with pearls and precious stones

Classification of the earrings from the Preslav Treasure

1. First group  earrings, decorated with cloisonne

1.1. Pair of gold earrings with enael  catalogue number 1

1.2. Pair of gold earrings with enael  catalogue number 2

2. Second group  openwork and filigree earrings decorated with pearls and precious stones

2.1. Pair of gold openwork earrings with pearls  catalogue number 3

2.2. Gold openwork earring with pearls  catalogue number 4

2.3. Pair of gold earrings with filigree, precious stones and pearls  catalogue number 5

The earrings in the context of the Preslav Treasure: Discussion on the chronlogical unity of the assemblage and its relation to historical persons





The wearers






Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 160
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-254-013-5
ISSN 2367-8860
Creation date 2022
Size 25 х 21 cm

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