Andrei Tashev. The unknown Matvei Vulev: Here and beyond
Category: Bulgarian Literature after the First World War
Непознатият Матвей Вълев: отсам и отвъд
Language: Bulgarian


   The book explores the life and work of the writer Matvei Vulev (19021944)  one of the most productive, popular and discussed Bulgarian authors between the two world wars, which remains almost unknown today. On the basis of rich documentary material and using the method of abductive reasoning of Charles Peirce, the study reconstructs the adventurous life of Matvei Vulev: from his childhood and friendship with Hristo Smirnenski, during his long stay in Berlin and Brazil (19231934), to his connections with Vera Lukova and Elisaveta Bagryana and his mysterious death at the front during the Second World War. The writer's work is divided into nine sections, each of which is analyzed using a different methodology. The numerous contributions that Matvei Vulev makes to Bulgarian literature are presented: his texts dedicated to Brazil, sea and love, as well as those for radio and theater.


Language Bulgarian
Pages 350
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-91684-0-0
Creation date 2020
Size 14 х 21 cm

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