Early Hellenistic cemetery near the village of Bohot (Catalogues, volume 27)
Некропол от ранноелинистическата епоха при с. Бохот (Каталози, том XXVII)
Category: National archaeological museum: Catalogues; Toreutics 
Language: EnglishBulgarian (bilingual)


   In the spring of 2022 the rescue archaeological excavations brought to light an Early Hellenistic cemetery situated near the village of Bohor, Pleven region. Two impressive burials within the cemetery deserve special attention. The yielded artefacts of high scientific importance and artistic value, such as six silver hinged fibulae, a large number of bronze Thracian type fibula and rings, a necklace of gold beads, ornamented silver bracelets, a string of glass beads, iron knives and spear heads.

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Cemetery and the rich burials
Некрополът и богатите гробове

Silver hinged fibulae from burial 4C
Сребърни шарнирни фибули от гроб 4С

Gold, silver and bronze ornaments from burial 4D
Накити от злато, сребро и бронз от гроб 4D

Thracian type fibulae from burial 4D
Фибули тракийски тип от гроб 4D

Beads from burial 4D
Мъниста от гроб 4D

Hellenistic settlement in the Trastara locality near the village of Bohot
Селище от елинистическата епоха в м. Трастара, с. Бохот



Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 92
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-254-015-9
ISSN 2367-8860
Creation date 2023
Size 25 х 21 cm

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