Illyria from Varna to Villach: Croatian National Revival, Serbs and Bulgarians until 1848
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English


    The book studies the process of establishment and development of the Croatian modern nation in the decades up to the 1848 revolution. In the centre of its attention is the genesis of Illyrianism that contributed significantly to the forming of the novel Croatian national community.


Table of contents


I. Are the Croats an “old nation”, or on the eighteenth-century proto-nationalism

1. “National” consciousness of the Croatian estates

2. Regional divergences І

3. Regional divergences ІІ

4. When did the Croatian national revival begin?

II. The birth of the new Illyrianism (18301835)

1. Ljudevit Gaj’s first language proposals

2. The programmatic demands of the Croatian nobles in 1832

3. The early years of the Illyrianist leader count Janko Drašković

4. The young generation and the beginnings of the new Illyrianism

5. Newspapers, ideas and language reforms: the promulgation of Illyrianism in 1835

III. Structures of the Illyrianist movement and development of its ideology (18361848)

1. The Illyrianist structures and political life in Croatia

2. The challenges to the Illyrianist ideological complex

IV. The Illyrianist movement and the Serbs

V. Illyrianist notions on Bulgarians


Appendix: Letter of Teodor Pavlović to Vjekoslav Babukić, 20 Oct. 1836

Sources and bibliography

Abstract in English

Publisher Paradigma
Language Bulgarian
Pages 254
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-326-242-7
Creation date 2015
Size 14 х 21 cm

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