Our Freedom Depends on Us: The Preserved Heritage of the Bulgarian Struggles for National Liberation 18th19th c. Catalogue
Нашата свобода от нас зависи. Съхраненото наследство от българските борби за независимост XVIII—XIX век
Struggle for national liberation

Language: Bulgarian


   The richly illustrated catalog explores the layers of collective memory of national liberation struggles. More than 70 personalities and more than 150 artifacts from the collection of the National Military History Museum are represented, which belonged to those heroes who dared to overthrow an entire empire. Among them are weapons, documents and personal belongings of Indje Voivoda, the Hitrovi brothers, Zhelyo and Ilio Voivoda, Panayot Hitov and Filip Totyo, Georgi Rakovski and Vasil Levski, Todor Kableshkov, Georgi Benkovski, Panayot Volov, Hristo Botev, Dimitar Berovski and many others, that lived with the idea that "our freedom depends on us".
Publisher National Museum of Military History
Language Bulgaria
Pages 128
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-7039-12-2
Creation date 2022
Size 20 х 28 cm

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