The Art of heterodox Muslims in Bulgaria (XVIXX century). Bektaşi and Kızılbaş/Alevî


Table of contents /summary/

E. Bakalova. Panorama of a Little Known Art in Bulgaria



Part One. Cult Architecture

Chapter One. Medieval Cult Architecture (16th c.)



Chapter Two. Late Cult Architecture

Men’s Türbes 

Women’s Türbes

Mixed Türbes

Chapter Three.Characteristic Aspects of Cult Architecture

Part Two. Paintings and Plastic Arts

Chapter One. Wallpaintings, Paintings, Prints

Chapter Two. Stone Reliefs and Spatial Forms

Chapter Three. Metal Plastic Arts and Wood-Carving

Chapter Four. Ritual Plastic Arts

Part Three. Textile Design

Chapter One. Embroidery Design

Chapter Two. Weaving Design

Chapter Three. Knitting Design and other Decorations

Part Four. Symbolism

Chapter One. Symbolism of Images

Anthropomorphic Figures

Animals and Birds

Trees and Flowers

Emblematic Images

Chapter Two. Symbolism of Colors

Chapter Three. Symbolism of Numbers



Index of Terms

Summary in English


List of illustrations in English

Изкуството на хетеродоксните мюсюлмани в България (ХVІ–ХХ век). Бекташи и къзълбаши/алевии

Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian with summary in English
Pages 494
Illustrations b/w figures, color plates
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-322-482-1
Creation date 2005
Size 18 х 24 cm
Condition Very good

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