The information of Jacopo de Promontorio de Campis (14051487) on the military-administrative division of the Balkan territories of the Ottoman State until the 1570s
Сведенията на Якопо Промонторио де Кампис за военноадминистративното деление на балканските територии на Османската държава до 70-те години на XV век
Category: Ottoman Studies
Languge: Bulgarian


   Historical fate of the Balkans during the 14th15th centuries arouses the justified interest of scholars. The problems are related to political, economic and cultural life, as well as to the continuity and changes that occurred after the Ottoman conquest. The study of the administrative structure of the Balkan territories of the Ottoman State is related to written sources such as the Recollecta of the Genoese Jacopo Promontorio de Campis... 


Publisher Avangard Prima
Language Bulgarian
Pages 118
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-239-806-4
Creation date 2022
Size 14 х 22 cm

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