The Romanticist Dimitar Dobrovich (18161905)
Language: English
Bulgarian (bilingual)


     Dimitar Dobrovich, both by birth and the timing of his academic art education, ranks first in the history of Bulgarian art, after our Revival painters, in the line of those laying the foundations of the new secular painting. A scion of a people little known in Europe in the nineteenth century, he walked his path abroad  in Tsarigrad, Athens and Rome  devotedly following his vocation. Those artworks of his that are kept in Bulgaria, and others that have remained outside the country and are not known to us, are part of the European art of the epoch.


Table of contents


The beginning

On the road of his vocation

The springtime of the peoples

An artist in the Eternal city

Romanticism and Romanticisms

The return

The mystery Dobrovich / Domvriadis

Post Scriptum

Life in dates



Романтикът Димитър Добрович (1816-1905)

Publisher New Bulgarian University
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 248
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-535-930-9
Creation date 2016
Size 25 х 29 cm

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