Nikola Stoyanov: Life and activity. Memoirs (18751939). Diary (19401944)
Никола Стоянов. Живот и дейност: мемоари (18751939). Дневник (19401944)
Language: Bulgarian


      Nikola Stoyanov (18741967) was a Bulgarian scientist, economist and financier. He was in charge of the Bulgarian Government Debt Directorate for much of the Interwar period and as such, he led the prolonged negotiations over the country's foreign debt. Between 1929 and 1944, Stoyanov was editor-in-chief of the authoritative journal of the Bulgarian Economic Society. He was also a prominent member of various organisations of Macedonian immigrants to Bulgaria and one of the founders of the Macedonian Scientific Institute, as well as its chairman between 1938 and 1945. Stoyanov was the first Bulgarian author whose scientific work on astronomy was published abroad.


Publisher New Bulgarian University
Language Bulgarian
Pages 772
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-233-102-3
Creation date 2020
Size 16 х 24 cm

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