Early National Revival Bulgarian Music  Sources and Repertory: Joasaph of Rila
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English


Table of contents

I. Bozhilov. 2000 years of Christianity

Archim. Sioniy. A contribution to the cultural treasure of Bulgarian people


Knowledge of the musical sources.

Chaper I. The Anthology and its repertory

1. The Anthology as a chant book of synthesis

2. The contents of the Anthology

3. The typology of the Anthology

4. The typology of the repertory

Chaper II. Joasaph of Rila: His work in transcription

1. Joasaph of Rila in musical manuscripts

2. Translations

3. Interpretations

4. Joasaph’s onw works

The Balkan context of the Early National Revival Bulgarian music


Selected literature


Ранновъзрожденска българска музика – паметници и певчески репертоар. Йоасаф Рилски

Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 236
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 954-43-880-6
Creation date 2003
Size 24 х 16 cm

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