Honest and faithful people: Bulgarian community in Tulcea during the National Revival Period
Честни и верни хора. Българската общност в Тулча през Възраждането
Category: Bulgarian National Revival
Language: Bulgarian
   The monograph explores the historical development of the Bulgarian community in Tulcea (Northern Dobruja, Romania) during the 15th—19th century. The study is based on published and unpublished documents kept at the Bulgarian historical archive and the Oriental Department of the National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius", as well as at the Ottoman archive in Istanbul (Devlet Arşivleri Başivanlığı Osmanlı Arşivi). An attempt has been made to trace changes in the administrative status of the settlement and its transformation in a city. The place that Tulcea occupies in the Ottoman provincial administrative system is largely determined by its demographic and economic development. The geographic location of Tulcea and its role as an important customs point predetermines it's place in the Ottoman empire's economic infrastructure. These factors make it an attractive center for the enterprising population from Central and Northeastern Bulgarian lands.
   On the basis of unpublished Ottoman documents, the professional structure of the Tulcean population was outlined. The market opportunities that Tulcea provides become the main reason for the formation of the Bulgarian community in the city in the 1840s. Created mostly on an economic basis, very soon that community begins to build its cultural infrastructure — school, community center, women's organization. Bulgarians in Tulcea take an active part in the attempts to political emancipation in the 1860s—1870s. Their overall role in the Bulgarian National Revival receive a comprehensive study in the proposed book.
Table of contents


Първа глава. Административно положение, демографски характеристики и стопанско развитие на Тулча в периода ХVХVІІ в.

Втора глава. Демографски характеристики на Тулча от края на ХVІІІ в. до 70-те години на ХІХ в.

Трета глава. Професионална структура на тулчанското население през 60-те и 70-те години на ХІХ в. Развитие на търговията. Създаване и дейност на тулчанското търговско дружество

Четвърта глава. Просветна дейност и културен живот на българите в Тулча

Пета глава. Църковно-национални бори на българите в Тулча и тулчанско

Шеста глава. Национално-освободителните борби на българите в Тулча през 50-те и 70-те години на ХІХ в.



Използвани извори и литература


Резюме на английски език

Легенда на план на Тулча

Publisher Tendril
Language Bulgarian
Pages 336
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-91496-3-8
Creation date 2021
Size 16 х 24 cm

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