Empires, Borders, Policies: Nineteenth to Early Twentieth Century. Proceeding of an International Conference Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski” 27th28th February 2015. Edited by Plamen Mitev, Vania Racheva. In Bulgarian, Russian and Serbiant with summaries in Englsih


     The papers in the volume are arranged chronologically and thematically. Chronologically, the present materials begin with the first Russian-Turkish War of the 19th century  the one of 18061812, and end with the eve of the Balkan wars (1912, 1913), but most of them are devoted to problems of the third quarter of the 19th century. Thematically, the studies are united by the focus of the border factor in the inter-imperial policy on the Balkans in the Modern Age, but they are considering it from different points of view (and far not only through the prism of the political history) and also have different spatial coverage.


Table of contents /summaries/


P. Mitev. Field Marshal General Mikhail Kutuzov and the Bulgarians

Ottoman Empire and the Bulgarian Economic Nationalism

P. Penchev During the Third Quarter of the 19th Century

P. Mitev. „Bulgarian Borders“ in the Context of the Crimean War

I. Makarova. Turkish Administrative Reforms as a New Imperative for the Balkan Policy of Russia in the Late 1860s and Early 1870s

M. Jagodić. Colonization Processes in the European Part of the Ottoman Empire during 1860s1870s and Principality of Serbia

I. Makarova. Russian Diasporas in the Danube Vilayet

I. Parvev. Natural Borders or Borders of Nature. Geography as a Factor in the Balkan Policy of Vienna and St Petersburg (18041878)

M. Samardzić. Defining the Strategic Objectives of Austria-Hungary in the Balkans in the Spring of 1878 and the Territorial Expansion of Serbia

V. Racheva. Border Policies: 18771878. A Marin Drinov's Record

D. Grigorov. „Tsar Damian“ and the Liberated Border

B. Njagulov. Dobrudja as a Border and the Border in Dobrudja (Before and After the Treaty of Berlin, 1878)

V. Yanchev. The Bulgarian Army in the Policy of the Russian Empire 18781886

O. Dubovik. Stefan Stambolov's Project of Turkish-Bulgarian Dualism: Figment, Reality, Political Strategy

A. Shemyakin. The Ottoman Empire Internal Borders and Prerequisites for the Modernization

in Bulgaria and Serbia (Last Third of the 19th to Early 20th Century)

N. Makulević. E stablishing Boundaries and Changes in the Visual Culture

on the Balkans in the 19th Century

L. Kuzmicheva. The Problem of Stabilization of Inter-Balkan Relations in the Russian Imperial Policy

in the First Decade of the 20th Century

O. Dubovik. Bulgarian Studies in Russia: Traditions and Issues

The Authors

Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian with summaries
Pages 344
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-07-4209-0
Creation date 2016
Size 16 х 24 cm

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