Migration and Population Politics during War(time) and Peace(time): Central and Eastern Europe from the Dawn of Modernity to the Twentieth Century. Collected papers
Categories: Modern Balkan History; Contemporary Balkan history
Language: English, German 

   This volume with the somewhat ambitious title reflects and builds upon the current debates in the thriving field of migration studies and migration history. It aims to provide an innovative perspective on the regional East European dimension of this phenomenon by discussing the specific migration processes in the area from early modern times to the present.


Table of contents

List of contributors


Towards a New History of Migrations: Reassessing Methods and Research Agendas

A. Rubel. Migrationsgeschichte als Weltgeschichte. Ein Plädoyer für neue Akzente in der historischen Migrationsforschung unter Einbeziehung der Vor- und Frühgeschichte

The Birth of New Elites: Political and Intellectual Mobility in the Modern Era

L. Cotovanu. The Naturalization of Greeks in the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia: Disputed Meanings, Contested Interpretations

S. Gavriș. Foreign-Born Bureaucrats in the Principality of Moldavia in the Early 19th Century

L. Rados. Forging the Modern Romanian Intellectual Elite: Andrei Vizanti as a Student in Iași and Madrid

F. Solomon. In Search for a New Homeland: Narodnik Émigrés in Romania during the 1870s

A. Cușco. Zamfir C. Ralli Arbore and Constantin Stere Between Anarchism, Populism, and Nationalism: Two Cases of Russian Political Émigrés to Romania in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century

Searching for the Lost Homeland: Population Movements in Interwar Europe

K. Clewing. Zwischen allen Stühlen? US-albanische Erfahrungen vom Auswandern und Rückwandern im frühen 20. Jahrhundert

T. Ilarionova. Migration as Salvation: Contributions to the History of Germans and Jews in Russia and Southeast Europe between the World Wars

G. Egry. Magyar Returnees and Political Radicalization in Post-World War I Hungary

M. Hacısalihoğlu. Blurring Borders Between Religion and Ethnicity: Turkey’s Migration Policies towards the Balkans in the Interwar Period (With Special Reference to Bulgaria)

Identity Projects and Population Politics during World War Iand in its Aftermath

O. Trașcă. The Impact of the Second Vienna Award on the Demographic Situation in Transylvania. Forced Population Displacements in a Contested Space, 19401944

P. Blasen. „Vor allem eine Kirche deutscher Menschen“: die evangelische Landeskirche A.B. in Rumänien und die Taufe der Juden (19401944)

D. Dobrincu. “A Famine Like No Other”: The Swedish Rädda Barnen Society and Its Assistance to the Children of Eastern Romania, 19461948

Migration and Reshaping of Identities in Post-Cold War Europe

P. Varga. Jüdisch-deutsche Literatur der dritten Nachkriegsgeneration  eine Migrantenliteratur?



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Pages 412
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ISBN 978-606-020-330-8
Creation date 2021
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