Roads through the Orthodox ritual
Maria Schnitter. Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English


Table of contents



Clarification of terms. Quotidian life. Premodernity. Sources. Theoretical and methodological grounds


Limits of the study

Why the body?

Chapter I. First steps on the road. The human body in the field of binary anthropological oppositions. The religious ritual as a way of later-technique

1.1. The profane body and the sacred body

1.2. Body hygiene  an orthodox prespective

1.3. ”Full as a popish child on all souls day”  food and eating according to the Orthodox church

1.4. Abortion

1.5. Rituals relating to birth

Chapter II. The sacred body. Sanctification the body

2.1. The Christian sacraments and rituals

2.2. The baptized body

2.1.1. Course of the ritual

2.1.2. Tonsure

2.3. Anointment / chrismation

2.4. Specific cases of baptism

2.4.1. Shortened baptism of a child due to fear of death

2.4.2. Baptism of infidels and heterodox people

2.4.3. Baptism of a backslider

Abstract. Roads through the orthodox ritual



Publisher East-West Publishing
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 672
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-01-0104-8
Creation date 2017
Size 16 х 24 cm

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