New RealismProblems and Perspectives
Language: English, German

     New Realism is a movement in philosophy initiated in 2011 by Maurizio Ferraris (University of Turin) and Markus Gabriel (University of Bonn). It has already had success in prompting debates on the perspectives for a realist turn in philosophy. Hundreds of articles pro and contra New Realism have been published, some authored by distinguished contemporary thinkers. All over the world there have been international forums related to the movement. The main task of New Realism is to develop a theoretical alternative to postmodernism and other antirealist traditions in contemporary philosophy.


Table of contents


List of contributors

A. Kanev. Introduction: Why New Realism?

Part I. Ontology

A. Koch. Hermeneutischer Realismus und transzendetaler Idealismus

A. Kanev. Now is (Non-) Being Possible

Part II. Social Ontology

A. Ferraris. The Universal Blackboard

T. Andina. Transgenerational Actions

Part III. Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind

M. Gabriev. Here Comes the Sun: New Realism’s Theory of Perception and the Speck-Star Problem

J. Rometsch. What is a Realistic Concept of Reality?

E. Terrone. Welcome back Kant: New Realism and Perceptual (Cor)relation

V. Vidinski. What is Context and Distext?

C. Todorov. Wozu brauchen wir den Wahrheitsbegriff?

Part IV. New Realism and the History of Philosophy

G. Kapriev. Das Sein des Gedankens als Gedanke bei Anselm von Canterbury und die Sinnfeldontologie

S. Totov. Der Neue Realismus und die Wiederentdeckung von Schelling

T. Keiling. What is Phenomenological Realism? Metametaphysical Considerations

Part V. Film Studies

H. Kang Kim. Die Erscheinung des Realen im Film

Part VI. Reflecitons on New Realism

J. Voosholz. A Formal Ontological Game: Does Meillassoux’s Speculative Realism Need a Correlation?

A. Kostova. Truth without Representation

G. Gherjikov. Fields of Sense and the Contemporary Status of the Subject

S. Panayotov. Disembodiment: A Continental Feminist-Realist Approach

B. Mollov. On Reductio Arguments for Realism


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