Irina Sedakova. Balkan Motifs in Bulgarian Language and Culture: Birth and Fate


     The monograph focuses on identifying and analysing Balkan features evident in the Bulgarian ‘text of birth’, with particular emphasis on terminology, rites and folklore. Childbirth is examined as an integral part of the world model, one which shares boundaries with other areas (the calendar, folk medicine, demonology, marriage and death, etc.). Facts related to language and culture are interpreted as part of the indivisible whole. The Bulgarian dictionary of anthroponyms contains names of Greek, Roman, Turkish and Slavic origin and is open to innovation and creative adaptations as a reflection of the multilingual Balkan environment. In spite of the existing strict patriarchal laws, according to which babies are named after the grandparents, each name can be modified, modernized, westernized or translated. The ethnography of verbal behaviour together with the ritual terminology and anthroponymicon reveal a vivid Balkan sense of “our own” and “another’s”. The perceived connection between birth and the subsequent life scenario shows a complex interweaving of ancient mythology and elements of folk orthodoxy.


Table of contents

Към българския читател


Първа част: Дума. Име. Реч

Лексика и фразеология на родилната обредност

Име, именуване, имен ден

Етнография на речевото поведение

Втора част: Раждане и жизнен сценарий

Култ към богородица

Демони на съдбата

Матримониални е репродуктивни мотиви

Мотивът на повторното


Трета част: Ритуал. Обред. Празник

Прощъпалник и първи стъпки на детето



Български родилен обред: теренни записи



Списък с ръкописите


Списък с картите

Summary in English

Балкански мотиви в езика и културата на българите. Раждане и съдба

Publisher Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Language Bulgarian with summary in English
Pages 316
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-322-579-8
Creation date 2013
Size 16 х 24 cm

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