Fileva, Adelina, Plamen Petrov. Ivan Milev. An Album
Language: EnglishBulgarian (bilingual)
Category: Visual Arts 


   The luxury bilingual edition included 80 of the most representative works of the Bulgarian artist Ivan Milev (18971927), as the careful selection was made by Adelina Fileva, director of the Sofia City Art Gallery and Plamen V. Petrov, director of Art Gallery  Kazanlak, which is also the author of the introductory studio. The album also includes short memories of the artist from his contemporaries, illustrating in a wonderful way his original talent. In over half of the included works, Ivan Milev creates an attractive one ornaments with golden bronze  reproduced exactly in the edition that together with high-quality printing allows to achieve almost complete aesthetic impact of the paintings as they are conceived and created by the genius artist.
Publisher Methodivs books
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 232
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-619-90741-7-6
Creation date 2022
Size 21 х 29 cm

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