Boundary/Boundless: The Antinomies in the Work of Stanislav Pamukchiev
Гранично/Безгранично. Антиномиите в творчеството на Станислав Памукчиев
Language: Bulgarian. Category: Art studies


   In the murals and installations of the Bulgarian artist Stanislav Pamukchiev there is a deep symbolism, carrying the charge of antinomic questions. Such antinomies are the opposition of black and white and the choice of colors. Also, the use of natural materials is opposed to the innovation of artistic techniques. The focus is on the clash between the type of material, its structure, behavior and content in combination with contemporary search and suggestion. Fire, burning, melting and ashes, considered both as technology and ritual, are carriers of a huge archetypal charge. To analyze the artistic technique used, many psychological, historical and cultural foundations are derived, which are the primary reason for its application.


Table of contents

Л. Караджов. Предговор

П. Ценев. Предговор


I. Антиномия

II. Визуални антиномии

III. Антиномии на възприятието и сетивността

IV. Време-пространствени антиномии

V. Антиномии на ценността


Използвани източници


Творческа биография на Станислав Памукчиев

За автора



Publisher Ciela
Language Bulgarian
Pages 252
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-28-3412-0
Creation date 2021
Size 18 х 24 cm

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