Erotische Kunst
Еротично изкуство
Category: Art studies
Language: Bulgarian


     When asked about Picasso, towards the end of his life, what was the difference between art and eroticism, he replied meditatively and dreamily: “But there is no difference.” Others feared eroticism, Picasso warned against the dangerous experiments of art: “Art is never chaste, it should be kept away from all innocent ignorant. People insufficiently prepared should never come into contact with him. Yes, art is dangerous. When he is chaste, he is no longer art. ”The notion of erotic art is surrounded by a halo of hypocritical, deceptive and dissimulating concepts: art or pornography, sex or eroticism, obscenity or originality, these attempts at distinction and determination mix too much for an objective clarification to be when can we talk about “erotic art”?


Table of contents

География на удоволствието

Еротично изкуство или порнография?

Копнежи за оргия

Еротика и възмущение

Наслада за очите - окото като чувствен орган на еротиката

Самотата на картината

Еротичните корени на колекционерската страст

Берлин като Содом

Отрицание и ерекция

Нека цъфтят хиляди цветове!




Publisher Knigomania
Language Bulgarian
Pages 256
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-9817-36-2
Creation date 2007
Size 21 х 29 cm

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