Enchanted Kingdom: 130th Anniversary of the Birth of Nikolay Raynov. Exhibition catalog, Sofia City Art Gallery, 28 February  07 April 2019
Language: BulgarianEnglish (bilingual)


     The exposition features works from all periods of Nikolay Raynov's professional life. The works are divided into two groups. The first presents artist’s decorative paintings connected with his specific theoretical texts. The second uncludes black and white drawings as well as his applied art work.


Table of contents

The fairy-tale words of Nikolay Raynov. Creative pursuits

About style in art

Works of painting. Decorative style and stylization in aquarelle compositions

Characteristic features of lacquer painting

Graphic works

Easel graphic works

Applied graphics

The painting “confessions” of Nikolay Raynov


Mystical forest

Line, ornament, style

Life in dates

Selected works. Books, articles, translations

Омагьосано царство. 130 години от рождението на Николай Райнов

Publisher Sofia City Art Gallery
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 400
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
Creation date 2018
Size 21 х 29 cm

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