"Invincible in Power and Unsurpassable in Bravery". The Bulgarian Tsar Samuel († 1014)
Language: Bulgarian—English (bilingual). Category: First Bulgarian Kingdom


   This book is a result of a poster exhibition bearing the same name. Seriies of images and concise text shed light on the complicated period when Tsar Samuel lived and ruled. 


Table of contetns

Tsar Samuel and His time

"The Rus' Captivity"

The Conquest of Bulgaria

"I, Samuel, Servant of God, ..."

"Absolute Ruler of All of Bulgaria..."

Samuel's Brothers

"...John, the Bulgarian Autocrat..."

"...That Famous Samuel, Who is Still Much Talked About by the Bulgarians" and His Descendants

Family Tree of the Dynasty of the Kometopouloi

Translatio Ecclesiae

The Basilica of Agios Achilleios

Heavenly Patrons

The Royal Residence Skopje



Victories and Defeats

Krakras of Prenik

Nikulitsa — the Defender of Servia

"Many Bulgarian Castra and Refuges"

The Tragedy in the Pass of Kleidion (near the village of Klyuch) — 1014

The Last Years (1014—1018)

The Basilica of Agios Achilleios: Dynastic Tomb of Tsar Samuel

For Eternal Memory

The Dynasty of Samuel in the Historical Memory of the Bulgarians

„Ненадминат по сила и ненадминат по храброст“. Българският цар Самуил († 1014)

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian, English
Pages 88
Illustrations color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-9472-32-5
Creation date 2014
Size 24 х 16 cm
Citation Миланова, Албена, Методи Златков.. "Ненадминат по сила и ненадминат по храброст": Българският цар Самуил (1014). София: Нац. ареол. институт с музей - БАН, 2014.

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