Table of contents

L. Ninov. Editorial

C. Bonsal, M. Gurova, C. Hayward, C. Nache, N. Pearce. Characterization of “Balkan Flint” Artefacts from Bulgarian and the Iron Gates Using LA-ICP and EPMA

K. Kunchev. Theoretical Formulation of Flint Cleaverage (summary)

M. Nikolov. Petrographic Analysis of Stone Shaft-hole Axes (summary)

H. Popov, Z. Cincov. Preliminary Archaeometallurgical Data from the Region of the Villages of Valche Pole and Kamilski Dol, Eastern Rhodopes (summary)

V. Zaykov, D. Gergova, P. Khvorov, P. Bonev. Archaeometric Studies of Thracian Golden Objects from the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia (summary)

T. Rehren, A. Cholakoa. The Early Byzantine HIMT Glass from Dichin, Northern Bulgaria (summary)

R. Georgiev, Y. Dimitrov, B. Samunova, A. Detcheva. Reproduction of Medieval Glasses found in Bulgaria Using Technical Raw Materials (summary)

B. Tomova. Textiles and Woven Materials in the IX-XVIII c. Written Sources Current in the Today’s Bulgarian Territories (Technology, Production, Processing and Terms) (summary)

A. Buzhilova. Palaeopatological Observation of Neanderthal Skeleton from Kiik-Koba, Crimea (summary)

V. Ruseva. Distribution of Enamel Hypoplasia New Perspectives from Interpretation of the Anthropological Material from Archaeological Sites in Bulgaria (Preliminary Results) (summary)

L. Ninov. Tha Fauna of the Thracian Town Helis (Preliminary Data) (summary)

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian, English, Russian with summaries in English and Bulgarian
Pages 212
Illustrations b&w and color photographs, drawings, maps
Binding paperback
ISSN 0204-966X
Creation date 2010
Size 21 х 29 cm

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