Archaeological discoveries & excavations in 2015 (+CD)


Table of contents /summaries/

I. Prehistory

II. Thracian Archaeology

III. Antiquity

IV. Medieval archaeology

Capitals and Surroundings


P. Georgiev, T. Tihov. Early (Wooden) Fort in yhe Inner City of Pliska

P. Georgiev, T. Tihov, J. Savev, G. Ilieva. The Great Basilica in Pliska — Well-Holy Spring and Arcjbishopric-Monastery

H. Stoyanova. A Building in the South-Western Sector of the Inner City of Pliska

S. Stanilov, M. Inkova, P. Antonov, S. Ivanov. A Couryard North of the Citadel In the Inner City of Pliska. Secyor “Wooden Buildings”and “Secret Passageways”

A. Aladzhov, E. Komatarova-Balinova, S. Stanilov. Round Stone Place in Pliska  Research in 2015

S. Vitljanov, K. Konstantinov. Archaeological Research at Site No. 41 in the Outer City of Pliska in 2015

E. Pencheva, M. Nikolaeva. Archaeological Research of the Early Medieval Settlement in Petrva Niva Locality, Sboryanovo Archaeological Reserve in 2015

G. Maystorski, I. Babadjanov. Mediaeval Monastery Complex at “Kirika” Locality National Historical and Archaeological Reserve “Madara”

Veliki Preslav

P. Dimitrov, M. Manolova-Voykova.“Royal Church – Necropolis” in “Veliki Preslav” Preserve

S. Bonev, R. Georgieva. Palacial Building in the South-West Pary of the Large Royal Palace in Veliki Preslav

M. Vaklinova, S. Goryanova. Veliki Preslav Northern Courtyard of the Royal Center

G. Maystorski, P. Slavov. Eastern Fortress Wall of the Outer City, NIAR “Veliki Preslav

S. Doncheva, T. Tihov. Metal and Production Center near Zlatar, Veliki Preslav Region

K. Stoeva, D. Dimitrov. Archaeological Excavations at yhe “Aul of Khan Omurtag” near the Village of Khan Krum, Veliki Preslav District

Veliko Tarnovo

D. Rabovyanov. Archaeological Excavations of the “Medieval Town Trapezitza  Sector South” in 2015

K. Totev, E. Dermendjiev, P. Karailiev. Archaeological Excavations of “Medieval City of Trapezitsa  North Sector (Palace Buildings)” in Veliko Tyrnovo

K. Totev, E. Dermendjiev, P. Karailiev. Archaeological Excavations of Church and Bath South from “St. 40 Martyrs Monastery ” in Veliko Tyrnovo

Towns and Fortresses

N. Ovcharov, D. Kodzhamanova, Z. Dimitrov. Regular Archaeological Excavations of Perperikon in 2015

P. Petrunov, V. Kiryakova, A. Stoilova. Medieval Fortress  Town of Lyutitsa

I. Kanev, I. Tavityan. Late-Antique and Medieval Fortress “Balak Dere” Ivaylovgrad Municipality

I. Petrakiev, M. Ivanova. The Medieval Fortress of Ryahovets, near Gorna Oryahovitsa Town

A. Konakliev, N. Ovcharov, S. Ivanov. “Early Byzantine and Medieval Bulgarian Fortress of Missionis” near the Modern Town of Targovishte

K. Velkov, N. Gospodinov. Regular Archaelogical Excavations of the Fortress in the Locality Gradishte, North-East of the Town of Tvarditsa

N. Boteva. The Archaeological Research of the Early Byzantine and Medieval Fortress Hotalich near the Town of Sevlievo

S. Yordanov, S. Velikova. The Medieval Town of Cherven. Section in the Higher Part of the Saddle of the Inner Town

R. Koleva, C. Kirilov, R. Encheva. Late Antiquity and Mediaeval Fortress “Horisontcity Quarter”, at the Town of Balchik

V. Pletnyov, P. Peev, I. Lazarenko, М. Manolova-Voykova. Excavations of the Medieval Town Petrich, Avren Municipality

V. Pletnyov, M. Manolova, I. Lazarenko, P. Peev. Medieval Fortress “Kastritzi”

E. Vasileva, Y. Dimitrova, P. Petrunov. Excavations of Kaliakra Fortress, Inner Town

N. Ovcharov, P. Petrunov. Fortress of Urvich

H. Vachev, I. Petrakiev. Archaeological Excavation of a Medieval Church in the Frenkhissar District of the Town of Veliko Tarnovo

K. Popkonstantinov, R. Kostova, M. Nikolov. Medieval Monastery of St John the Forerunner of the Island of Sveti Ivan, Sozopol

I. Djambov, S. Popov, B. Draganov. Late Antiquity Fortress and Medieval Monastery in the Locality “Hissarya” near Dragoinovo Village, Parvomay District

S. Goryanova, V. Todorov. Saint Mary Magdalene Bukhovo Monastery

V. Todorov, N. Atanassova. Archaeological Excavations at Kremikovtzi Monastery “Saint George the Victorious”, Sofia Municipality, “Kremikovtzi” District

M. Vaklinova, I. Tavityan, L. Manoilova, M. Deyanova. The Kurshum Mosque in Karlovo

R. Petrova, P. Karailiev. Rescue Excavations in “Gerena” Area near Znamenosets Village

Rescue Excavations

M. Daskalov, K. Trendafilova, H. Popov, R. Stoychev, P. Georgiev. Archaeological Excavation of the Late Medieval Necropolis on the Western Arc of Sofia Ring Road

E. Vasileva, K. Melamed, V. Bonev. Archaeological Excavations at Site No. 8 along BulgariaSerbia Inter System Gas Connection

B. Borisov, J. Gjuleva, P. Doychev. Rescue Excavations of Early Byzantine and Medieval Settlement, and Late Iron Age Pits near Troyanovo, “MaritzaIztok” Energy Complex

S. Stoichev, A. Angelov, N. Yakimova. Excavations of Site No. 6, Maritsa Motor Way, Lot 1 (from km 24+220 to km 24+460), Velikan Village, Dimitrovgrad Municipality, Haskovo District

Y. Rusev S. Bacardjiev. Rescue Archaeological Excavations of Late Medieval and Ottoman Necropolis in the Town of Yambol

D. Momchilov, M. Klasnakov, M. Nikolov, K. Gospodinov, R. Dimitrova, Y. Rusev, N. Sharankov. Rescue Archaeological Research on the Territory of „Late Antique and Medieval Fortress Aquae Calidae  Therma ” Site, Burgaski Mineralni Bani, Vetren Residential District, Burgas, as per „Integrated Project for Improvement and Development of Fresh and Waste Waters' Infrastructure of Banevo, Vetren and Mineralni Bani Residential Districts”

D. Momchilov, M. Klasnakov, Y. Rusev, N. Sharankov, M. Vicheva. Rescue Archaeological Excavation of “Sector Museum Building” Site, within the Limits of “Late Antique and Medieval Fortress Aquae Calidae  Therma ”, Burgaski Mineralni Bani, Vetren Quarter, Burgas

D. Momchilov, Y. Rusev. Archaeological Monitoring in Relation to a Project “Conservation, Restoration and Exhibition of the Fortress Markeli”

M. Nikolov. Rescue Archaeological Survey of the Construction Works for a Sewer System and a Visitor’s Center with a Cafe on the Terrritory of the Antique Fortress Aquae Calidae, District Vetren, Burgas

G. Atanasov, K. Mihailov. Rescue Excavations on the Territory of the National Archaeological Reserve “DurostorumDrastarSilistra ”

S. Ivanov, G. Ilieva. Archaeologicl Rescue Excavations of a Site “Full Construction of the Sewage System and Reconstruction of the Water Supply System in Silistra ” within the Borders of the National Archaeological Reserve “DurostorumDrastarSilistra and Zones “A” and “B” in 2015

V. Varbanov, N. Rusev, G. Mitev. Rescue Archaeological Excavations on 2 “Kapitan Mamarc Hev” Str. in Silistra

S. Mihailov, S. Gancheva, I. Chokoev, K. Dimov. Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks and Excavations in Relation to the “Construction of the Sewage Network and Reconstruction of the Water Supply Network on the Territory of the National Architectural and Archaeological Reserve “DurostorumDrastarSilistra” and Zones “A” and “B”

B. Totev, K. Mihaylov. Rescue Archaeological Research before the Replacement and the Optimization of the Urban Sewage Network in the National Architectural and Archaeological reserve “DurostorumDrastarSilistra” in 2015

V. Ignatov, K. Nikov, T. Kuncheva-Ruseva, K. Velkov et al. Arcaelogical Rescue Research of Site No. 24 on the Railroad PlovdivSvilengrad in the Locality Shikanov Briag, Harmanli District

Y. Meshekov, P. Stoyanova. Late Medieval Structures On 7, “Ivan Vazov” Str, Sofiа

V. Archaeological Map of Bulgaria

Field Surveys
Hemus Highway
Underwater Surveys
Geophysical surveys
Archaeological Monitoring

VI. Interdisciplinary Researches

List of Names and Addresses of Authors

Археологически открития и разкопки през 2015 г.

Publisher National institute of archaeology with museum (Bulgarian academy of sciences)
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English
Pages 984
Illustrations b/w figures, maps
Binding hardback
ISSN 1313-0889
Creation date 2016
Size 21 х 29 cm

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