The coin hoard of Groșii Noi (15th17th centuries)
Tezaurul monetar de la Groşii Noi (secolele XV
Romanian (bilingual)


     The treasure of Groșii Noi was found at the area of Lower Mures river which served as a floating border between the Principality of Transylvania and the Ottoman Empire during the 15th—17th centuries. The region functioned as a corridor for intensive exchange of material goods and coins.


Table of contents



Context of find

Geographical context

The Lower Mures region starting with the 15th17th  centuries. Brief historical review

Composition of the hoard

The Principality of Transylvania

The Kingdom of Hungary

The Holy Roman Empire

The Kingdom of Poland and Dependencies

The Kingdom of Sweden

The Spanish Netherlands

The United Provinces of the Netherlands

The Kingdom of France

Ragusa city (Dubrovnik)

The Ottoman Empire

Monetary circulation in the Vilayet of Timișoara at the end of the 17th century

The exchange rate of the currencies and the value of the hoard

Catalogue and illustration

Considerations on the conservation of the coin hoard


The corrosion of silver

Considerations on the intervention on the hoard from Groşii Noi

Final recommendations


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