Cyril Pavlikianov. The Medieval Aristocracy on Mount Athos: The philogical and documentary evidence for the activity of Byzantine, Georgian, and Slav aristocrats and eminent churchmen in the monasteries of Mount Athos from the 10th to the 15th century


   The monograph offers the reader a critical analysis of the presence of noblemen on Mount Athos during the Middle Ages.


Table of contents

List of abbreviations and selected bibliography


Identifying an Athonite aristocrat  methods and approaches

The structure of the entry

Aristocrats and eminent churchmen on Mount Athos  philological and prosopogrphical study

The Monastery of the Amalfitans 

The Monastery of Chilandar

The Monastery of Dionysiou 

The Monastery of Docheiariou 

The Monastery of Esphigmenou 

The Monastery of Hagioi Pantes 

The Monastery of Iviron 

The Monastery of Karakallou 

The Monastery of Kastamonitou 

The Monastery of Kutlumus 

The Monastery of Megiste Lavra 

The Monastery of Makrou 

The Monastery of Saint Panteleimon 

The Monastery of Pantocrator 

The Monastery of Saint Paul 

The Monastery of Philotheou 

The Protaton 

The Monastery of Rabdouchou 

The Monastery of Vatopedi 

The Monastery of Xenophontos 

The Monastery of Xeropotamou 

The Monastery of Zographou 

Unknown Monastery 

Recapitulation of the data 


Table I. Aristocrats who had lived on Athos (in numbers) 

Table II. Eminent churchmen who had lived on Athos (in numbers) 

Table III. Aristocrats attested as having bought adelphata on Mount Athos 

Table IV. Aristocrats mentioned as ktitors

Table V. Aristocrats buried in Athonite monasteries 

Table VI. Titles and epithets of the Athonite aristocrats 

Table VII. The ecclesiastical ranks of the Athonite churchmen 

Table VIII. Eminent Athonite hegoumenoi (churchmen and aristocrats) 

Table IX. Athonites mentioned by the emperor with the epithet kyr

Table X. Eminent protoi



Publisher St. Kliment Ohridski University Press
Language English
Pages 224
Binding paperback
ISBN 954-07-1595-7
Creation date 2001
Size 16 х 24 cm

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