Atlas: The Bulgarian lands in the Medieval Arabic cartographic tradition (9th14th centuries) 
Language: Bulgarian
English (bilingual)


     The atlas represents the place of the Medieval Bulgarian Kingdom (9ht14th centuries) in the Medieval Arab cartographic tradition. The edition includes the maps of Al-Ma'mun (833) and Al-Khwarizmi (845); circular world maps of Al-Balkhi (922) and Al-Istahri (933); round and climate maps of the world and the Mediterranean of the Great Al-Idrasi (1154); maps of followers of the tradition during 13th and 14th centuries, etc.  

Българските земи в средновековната арабописмена картографска традиция (IX–XIV век)


Publisher Tangra TanNakRa
Language English, Bulgarian
Pages 336
Illustrations color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-378-076-1
Creation date 2011
Size 24 х 34 cm

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