The Wars of Charles the Great (History of the Wars 19)
Войните на Карл Велики (История на войните 19)
Category: Medieval Europe
Language: Bulgarian


   Charles the Great (747814) was the most iconic ruler of the early Western Middle Ages and the first monarch to restore socio-political unity in the territories of the Western Roman Empire. Throughout his reign he waged incessant wars, which greatly expanded the possessions of the Frankish kingdom. Karl's armies fought successfully on all fronts against the Saxons, Lombards, Normans, Arabs and Avars. In the newly conquered lands he spread Christianity and carried out active administrative and legislative activities, thus creating the conditions for lasting integration of individual peoples. The Carolingian Empire fully meets the objective needs of its time, and the results of military campaigns are decisive for the formation of the European cultural and civilizational framework for centuries to come.


Table of contents


Войска и военна организация


Аквитанската война

Лангобардската война (773774)

Войната срещу херцогство Фриули

Саксонската война. Първа фаза (772777)

Първата кампания в Испания (778)

Саксонската война. Втора фаза (778785)

Бретонската война (786, 799, 811)

Войната в Беневенто и Истрия

Баварската война (787788)

Аварската война

Втората испанската кампания. Изграждане на Испанската марка

Саксонската война. Трета фаза (792804)

Императорската титла и Византия

Погранични конфликти. Славяни и викинги





Publisher Millenium
Language Bulgarian
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ISBN 978-954-515-583-3
Creation date 2022
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