The personal life of Friedrich I Barbarossa
Личният живот на Фридрих I Барбароса
Category: Medieval Europe
Language: Bulgarian


   Friedrich I Barbarossa (11221190)  Duke of Swabia, Roman King and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, is one of the most colorful personalities of the European Middle Ages. He ascended the throne in a turbulent age, when Germany was divided into numerous duchies, marques, and counties, which in theory owed him obedience, money, and soldiers, but in practice the all-powerful king could not obtain them. Therefore, Frederick's aspiration throughout his life was to unite the nation and win its support for his expansionist plans.
   During his reign, the emperor undertook five military campaigns in Italy and devastated Milan, and the years of his reign were the period of greatest prosperity for the Holy Roman Empire. Aided by the authority of the popes, however, the free cities of the Apennine peninsula united and put up a decisive resistance in the Battle of Legnano. Barbarossa's participation and death in the Third Crusade (11891192) turned him into a veritable legend, which centuries later fueled German nationalism — especially after the revolution of 1848 and the proclamation of the Empire in 1871. Despite ambiguous assessments of the personality and his policy, Friedrich I Barbarossa is still considered the patriarch of the German nation and a vivid proof of the contribution of the German people to the development of Europe.
Publisher Millenium
Language Bulgarian
Pages 240
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Creation date 2023
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