Stories of Queens and Power 
Истории за кралици и власт
Language: Bulgarian


     What place is given to women in the male world, that worships military valor and courage? Public opinion and the laws of the Middle Ages stipulate that women should be under the care of men in the family — father, husband or sons. In practice, however, the woman is the mistress of the house — responsible for ordering and feeding, educating and training the children — and this gives grounds for some medievalists to allow the existence of "hidden matriarchy". The queens, that are at the top of the social pyramid, could presumably take care of the "big house" — the kingdom, and in practice, this means exercising power. Some of them are doing it very successfully, using the means according to their circumstances and character.


Table of contents


Жената в средновековното общество

История първа. Безогледно домогване до властта: Брунхилда и Фредегунда

История втора. Власт в името на Империята: Аделаида и Теофанò

История трета. Реалната власт: Алиенор и Бланш

История четвърта. Наследнички по закон: Мелизанда, Сибила, Изабела, Мария и Изабела II

Речник на термините и названията


Publisher Polis
Language Bulgarian
Pages 164
Illustrations b/w and color figures, maps
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-796-074-9
Creation date 2020
Size 14 х 21 cm

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