Momchil: The Rhodope's king
Category: Second Bulgarian Kingdom
Момчил — Родопският цар
Language: Bulgarian


   The book reveals the historical figure of Momchil (ca.13051345) — a 14th-century semi-autonomous Bulgarian local ruler. Initially Momchil was recruited by the Byzantines as a mercenary. Through his opportunistic involvement in the Byzantine civil war of 13411347, where he played the various sides against each other, he became ruler of a large area in the Rhodopes Mountains and Aegean Thrace. Later, Momchil achieved initial successes against Turks and Byzantines, but eventually he was defeated by a joint Byzantine–Turkish army in 1345 (Battle of Peritheorion). Due to his early opposition to the Turks, he is remembered in popular South Slavic legend as a fighter against the Turkish invasion of the Balkans.


Table of conetns

Годината на Момчил Юнак

Живот, изпълнен с битки и премеждия

Родопите и Беломорието преди Момчил

Произход, роден край, ранни години

Разбойник, стратиот, наемник

Съюзник на Йоан Кантакузин

Родопският цар

Каменните стражи на Момчиловото царство

Границите на царството на Момчил

Орловите гнезда в Родопите

Епичният поход км Бяло море

Заветът на Момчил


Publisher Slavena
Language Bulgarian
Pages 72
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-619-190-171-5
Creation date 2020
Size 21 х 19 cm

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