Bulgarian Tsardom under Terter Dynasty (12801323) (Medieval Library, 6)
Language: Bulgarian with a summary in English. Category: Second Bulgarian Kingdom


     The present monograph examines the development of the Second Bulgarian Tsardom in the period 12801323. For the first time this episode of the Medieval Bulgarian history has been subjected to a detailed study, with all the bulk of historical records and sources – both written and archeological. On the grounds of the available historical data, an attempt was made to outline the territory borders at the time of Terter dynasty’s reign. 

     The first chapter explores the internal political issues which have influenced the historical development of Bulgaria:

     — the struggle for power behind the scenes, as well as the underhand manoeuvres to the compulsory throne depositions of some of the Bulgarian souvereigns, or others’ perdition;  

     — the two opposed tendencies — decentralized activities carried out by some the nobility and the attempt of the high power to restore its tarnished authority.

     The foreign political factors, which influenced the development of the Bulgarian Kingdom at the end of the 13th and the first decades of the 14th century, were connected with the actions of the Byzantine Empire, the Golden Horde, Serbia, etc.

     The second chapter reveals the situation of the state, the church and the society. There are separate sections which examine the Tsar and the Tsar’s family, the ruling nobility, envoys, the army, the administration, the church and the clergy, the Bulgarian people.

     The third chapter is devoted to the economy. Natural resources, agriculture, crafts and trade are taken into close consideration.


Table of contents


Териториален обхват

I. Политическа история

А. Вътрешнополитически фактори

Борби за надмощие и заговори 

Сепаратизъм и централизъм 

Б. Външнополитически фактори 

Византийската империя 

„Златната орда 


Венеция и Генуа 



Неаполитанското кралство


II. Държава, църква и общество

Царят и неговото семейство

Управленческа аристокрация



Управленческа и данъчна администрация 

Църква и духовенство 


III. Стопанство

Природни условия и ресурси

Селско стопанство

Занаяти Търговия




Именен и географски показалец

Bulgarian tsardom under Terter dynasty (12801323)

Българското царство при династията на Тертеревци

Publisher Bulgarian Historical Heritage Foundationng
Language Bulgarian with a summary in English
Pages 452
Illustrations b/w figures
Binding paperback
ISBN 978-954-91983-9-3
Creation date 2013
Size 16 х 24 cm

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