The Despotic domain of Dobroudja: About the political, clerical, economical and cultural history of Dobroudja in the 14th century
Language: Bulgarian with summaries in English and Russian


Table of contents


1. Dobroudja on the eve of the despotic domain (the despotate): Demographical conditions, ethno-cultural and political processes in the 11th  the beginning of the 14th century

2. The formation of the Varna-Karvounian metropolitan bishopric: А basic landmark for the commencement of a Karvounian archon’s domain (archontate/despotate)

3. The beginnings of the Karvounian feudal principality (archontate-despotate)

4. Balick and Dobrotitsa: The Dobroudja despotic domain (despotate) in the middle and second half of the 14th century

5. Master/Mr. Terter (Joan?) and the Drustar feudal principality

6. Archon-archontate (archon’s domain), despot-despotate (despotic domain), master-master’s realm (master’s domain): A few chronological and terminological specifications

7. The Varna metropolitan bishopric in the second half of the 14th c.

8. Ivanko and the demise of the Dobroudja despotic domain: The Dobroudja despotate

9. Instead of an Epilogue or the legacy of the Dobroudja despotate


I. The centers of the Dobroudja despotic domain in the 14th c.: The archaeological, cultural and artistic particulars of the despotate

II. Coins, mint houses and monetary circulation in the Dobroudja despotate

III. The Christian monuments in the centers of the Dobrodja despotate in the 14th c.

IV. The rocky monastery in the Varna vicinity: The Aladja Monastery

V. Once more about the descent of the Gaggaouzians

A list of used sources

A list of abbreviations

Color appendix

Добруджанското деспотство (към политическата, църковната, стопанската и културната история на Добруджа през ХІV в.)

Publisher Faber
Language Bulgarian with summaries in English and Russian
Pages 496
Illustrations b/w and color figures
Binding hardback
ISBN 978-954-400-128-5
Creation date 2009
Size 16 х 24 cm

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